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We can start you off with a single page web site and your first 3 months of hosting for $99.00. Yep, 99 bucks will get you started the right way. (conditions do apply)


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Your web site is more than just a nice place to go on the internet, its a vital tool for your customers to get a feel for what you do. Its a sales tool for your company. its a communication tool for you, your staff, your customers, your future customers, and so much more

Ensure your site is done up right and gets the attention only a web site designer can do.

Arctic Chiller

Image 08http://www.arcticchiller.com/

10 year + customer. This is a #1 ranked site by google.This version of this site was originally done by us about 5 years ago, now we are renovating it to keep up with the times. you can watch as we do changes live !

Dog n Duck Outfitting

Image 06http://dognduck.ca/

Another one of our 10+ year plus clients, and yes, they are a #1 ranked goggle site.

Protocol Mechanical

Image 07http://www.protocolmechanical.ca/

One of our newer clients, but in a few short months we were able to increase their goggle ranking 4 pages and our on our way to making them #1