If it looks funny or sounds too good to be true, it probably is !

Well this was a good one and could potentially catch people off guard. I get e-transfers all the time so I see different ones on occasion that look a little weird and this was one of those. Just remember, if it looks funny, it probably is.This one is really well done and will defiantly fool some people. A lot of work went into this. This started off with an e-mail saying I had money from someone.

As soon as I saw it I thought it looked funny but I like a challenge so I figured I would open it (on a computer that I only use for crap like this and regularly format. Below is what it looked like.

It actually looks legit but none of the links worked other than the bank links and the big indication is circled at the top. Any secure site will be “https” for secure. This is the 2nd flag that its not real. I chose Royal Bank for this but all the bank links did work.

The above image is a tell tale sign its not legit. They do a good job to make it look read with the “” bit but this is clearly not a link for royal bank although it looks pretty convincing. Now I just need to enter my client card and password to get me in (I made up some B.S. because I wanted to see how far this would go.

So the above picture is me filling out my security questions. I censored it but I think you get the jist. Now they have enough information to get into my account. Good Job scammers. Oh but wait there’s more ! Now they want my card (debit/master card info). Just in case getting into my bank account wasn’t enough (made up these numbers too, see below)

Good news ! It will only take a few days for my money to be processed, by then they should have my bank account cleaned out. Jokes on them, I have no money, He he !

Again I can not stress enough, if it looks odd or too good to be true, it probably is. If you are ever in doubt please feel free to call us @ Viro-Tek and we will be glad to check it out for you and advise you on whats safe and whats not.

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