Computer donations and recycling

Computer recycling

Here at Viro-Tek, we love to give back to the community

Saving the environment and helping others. 

We will take your old computers, laptops, tablets, and iPads and refurbish them for those in need. All equipment is completely wiped out ensuring none of your old information is used by anyone else. After that, we do our best to recondition them to use for people who do not have the means to get a computer.

 In the event we cannot refurbish donations to be used properly, we then will take it apart for parts to use in a future builds and then use our recycling partner to ensure all components are recycled properly. 

This helps keep harmful components out of the landfill and gives new use to recycled products. 

Corporate computer donations can be arranged with certification of data removal. Our data removal process includes full format and rewrites over drives 32 times with random binary code to ensure no data can be recovered

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